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  • ‘Khorkuto’ to end soon; protagonist Gungun’s death leaves fans emotional,
    A number of popular Bengali shows are about to end their journeys on the small screen. While the conclusion of a few shows was quite anticipated, the abrupt end of the TV shows ‘Mon Phagun’ and ‘Bouma Ekghor’ have come across as a shocker to many. Adding one more to the list, Koushik Roy and Trina Saha starrer ‘Khorkuto’ is also going to end its journey soon. While 'Khorkuto' completed two years of its successful run yesterday (17 August); the daily soap is just a few days away from its end. Amid all these, emotions are flying high not only among the cast and crew but also the audience; especially because of the current track.
  • Right when Saji finds happiness in her life and the Mukherjee family rejoices it, something terrible happens. Protagonist Gungun, who is diagnosed with a critical disease, falls ill. Unfortunately, Gungun doesn’t respond to the treatment and the news leaves the Mukherjee family shattered. The current track featuring Gungun’s death, has left fans ‘disappointed’.
  • ‘Khorkuto’, which managed to catch the attention of Bengali audience with its light-hearted drama and relatable storyline, seems to have some overtly emotional scenes in its last few episodes. Fans reacted in a similar way when ‘Sreemoyee’ ended its story with Rohit Sen’s demise. Back at that time, too, viewers prayed for a ‘miracle’ and flooded Leena Ganguly with letters and messages requesting to not show a tragic end. On the other hand, makers of ‘Khorkuto’ have some surprises in store in its climax episode too. It will be interesting to see how fans react to it.
  • ‘Khorkuto’ has an ensemble cast that includes some of the finest artists of this industry including Dulal Lahiri, Ratna Ghoshal, Chandan Sen, Sohini Sengupta, Anushree Das and others. It also featured late actor Abhishek Chatterjee playing the role of a medical practitioner. Ambarish Bhattacharya, Raja Goswami, Debottam Majumder, Rajanya Mitra, Priyanka Mitra and others play prominent roles in the show.

  • Mukherjee family is organising Durga Puja at their household. They all enjoy a festive mood
    . Patralekha asks Gungun to wear a saree. The latter isn’t ready to wear a saree and rather feels comfortable in a comfy wear. Mishti volunteers to help Gungun. Right then, Soujanya comes. He wants to talk to Gungun. Potka and his team notice this. They start teasing Soujanya. Later, Soujanya also asks Gungun to wear a saree. He talks about the foreigner guests who would soon pay a visit to their household. Gungun agrees to this but she has a condition. She asks the male members to wear Dhuti. Potka, Rupanjan, Riju readily agree while Soujanya becomes a spoil sport. Koushik pays a visit to Mukherjee household.  As soon as Rupanjan’s parents appear, Siddheshwar starts having a fight with Rupanjan’s dad. Others enjoy their never-ending fights. Nonibala, Meghomala speak in the favour of Rupanjan’s dad. It makes Siddheshwar angry. All the family members enjoy a good laugh seeing them fighting like kids. Soon, the other guys from the neighbourhood appear with Dhaak. Siddheshwar gets petrified seeing the long list of guests. Koushik and Rupanjan’s dad assure that they will take care of everything. Potka, Gungn and others come decked up in traditional attires. Gungun and Soujanya keep arguing. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Koushik who had to suffer a lot because of the couple. He warns Gungun and Soujanya. Other family members tease the couple too. The family members decide to arrange a contest to crown the best couple.
  • Koushik seems to be happy after successfully teaching Gungun-Soujanya a lesson. He narrates the entire story to Jui and Shilpi, how he caught Gungun-Soujanya red-handed. Right from searching Gungun’s room in the middle of the night to catching her with Soujanya in another resort, Koushik reveals the entire story to his wife Shilpi and sister Jui. They had no idea Koushik’s Paharpur trip was so eventful.
  • Gungun starts her journey for Paharpur; Koushik accompanies her: Gungun talks to her dad about the trip. While she describes the trip as an outing with friends, Koushik is already aware of the truth. He allows Gungun to go on a trip but offers to accompany her. It lands Gungun in deep trouble who wants to enjoy the trip with her in-laws. On the other hand, Soujanya tries to figure out a way to solve the current problem. Potka and his team find him in a gloomy food. They keep teasing him about Gungun. Later, they discuss the trip as well. Soujanya isn’t confident that Koushik would allow his daughter to go with them. As they are busy chalking out a plan, Soujanya gets a phone call from Gungun. She informs about her dad’s condition. Soujanya fumes with anger when he learns that Koushik will accompany Gungun to Paharpur. Potka, Riju, Mishti and others are hopeful that they will find a way to help the couple reunite. Next day, Gungun and Soujanya’s family separately start their journey. Potka, Riju discuss a plan to handle Koushik and also help the Soujanya-Gungun meet secretly. Gungun and Koushik are on their way to Paharpur. Gungun feels restless. Koushik can guess the reason. He deliberately teases Gungun. Mishti makes a call to Gungun pretending to be her friend. When Koushik wishes to talk to her friend, Mishti makes an excuse to avoid it. Gungun keeps fumbling as she lies to her dad.
  • Soujanya and Gungun secretly meet after the show
  • Koushik fights with Soujanya’s family: Potka seeks permission from Siddheshwar for the trip. Bhajan wants to join the trip too but Potka indirectly discourages him. Potka keeps talking about their mission and explains it isn’t just a trip. He will lead the team and their sole purpose will be bringing Soujanya and Gungun together. Siddheshwar doesn’t agree so easily. He asks Soujanya about his opinion. The latter says, Potka told him about the trip. Soujanya has asked Gungun to join too although he isn’t sure whether she would be able to come. He hints that Koushik is making their life miserable. The family members soon start speaking about Koushik being a spoiltsport. Bhajan wants Meghomala to accompany Potka and his team. They think, Koushik will follow his daughter and won’t allow Gungun to join them so easily. Siddheshwar fears whether Potka’s plan would land them in trouble. But Potka is ready to take the risk to bring Gungun back. After several rounds of discussion and budget enquiry, Siddheshwar finally allows Potka and his team to go for a holiday. Later, Soujanya informs the family about the cultural event at Gungun’s university. Mukherjee family wishes to attend the function. Next day, Mukherjee family reaches the auditorium. Koushik and his friend (who is the Vice Chancellor of Gungun’s university) bump into Mukherjee family. Koushik doesn’t like their presence and purposefully pick a fight. He deliberately speaks against Soujanya to make Mukherjee family angry. Koushik asks Mukherjee family to make sure Soujanya doesn’t meet Gungun. Meghomala, Bhajan speak in favour of Soujanya while Koushik keeps making comments against him.
  • Gungun’s desperate attempt to hide the truth. She lies to her dad and claims, she is at her friend’s place. Somehow, Koushik becomes suspicious and asks Gungun a series of questions. Mishti pretends to be her friend and speaks with him. Soujanya wants Gungun to stay. Soujanya confesses taking up a job in Gungun’s college. Gungun wants to learn to drive. Koushik grills the driver and asks about the amount of money.
  • Nonibala and Siddheshwar meet Gungun: Mukherjee family misses Gungun who left home. Shilpi comes and clearly declares that they can’t expect Gungun to go back after what happened. She explains that Gungun is concentrating on her studies and wants to start afresh. Shilpi also denies letting Siddheshwar and Nonibala meet Gungun. Nonibala feels bad and shares how family members are deeply upset because of Gungun’s departure. Siddheshwar informs Koushik about Potka’s decision to leave Kolkata if she doesn’t comeback. They keep requesting Koushik which lands the latter in a tough spot. Shilpi wants to get Gungun married again and speaks about divorce. Koushik, however isn’t thinking about Gungun’s second marriage. Meanwhile Gungun comes there. She gets emotional seeing them but controls herself. Nonibala shares Mishti wanted to apologise to her. She also informs Gungun about her decision to go to an old home if Gungun doesn’t go back home. But these words don’t affect Gungun. Meanwhile, the Mukherjee family has no idea Nonibala and Siddheshwar went to meet Gungun. Bhajan guesses they might have gone to meet Gungun. Meghomala feels bad for scolding her (Gungun), Mishti too blames herself. Potka keeps making sarcastic comments to help the family members realise their fault.
  • Potka, Gungun come back home. Koushik asks Potka about the baby who is in hospital. The former assures, Mishti’s baby will be discharged soon.
  • Rupanjan and Chini visit the hospital. Meghomala doesn’t like Gungun’s obsessive behaviour either. When she voices her opinion, Potka speaks in favour of Gungun. He asks Meghomala to find out whose fault was at first and then blame Gungun. Soon, Mishti comes to the hospital. The family is divided into two teams. While most of the family members don’t accept Gungun’s behaviour, Potka and Rupanjan show sympathy towards her. Koushik, on the other hand, questions the very base of their joint family that might have been affected by Gungun’s whimsical decision. Gungun’s obsessive behavior towards Mishti’s newborn baby makes things complex at house. She talks about installing AC in the room just for the baby. Gungun doesn’t want to let the baby be with Mishti. Riju wants to take the baby to her mom since she needs food. Soujanya realizes Riju’s condition who can’t say anything to Gungun out of courtesy. She isn’t ready to leave the baby. As soon as she leaves, Soujanya apologizes to Riju. He can imagine Mishti’s state of mind who can’t even embrace her baby. Gungun brings the baby to the drawing room. The elderly members of the family try their best to explain the situation but Gungun talks about her affection for the baby. She talks about her plans about the baby’s future. Mishti feels helpless when Gungun says Mishti can only meet the baby but she (the baby) will continue to stay in her (Gungun’s) room. Gungun’s husband Soujanya loses his temper and considers her behavior as an obsession. Potka, on the other hand, feels other family members are giving too much importance to the matter. Gungun, who is ruled by her heart, will soon get over the obsession. Potka tries his way to convince her but fails. After shopping, Gungun comes home with her dad. She bought AC despite a strong opposition from the family members. Mukherjee family don’t believe in materialistic pleasure. None of the family members like the fact that Koushik bought the AC. Gungun keeps mentioning the baby as hers it makes everyone, especially Mishti upset. Soujanya loses his cool seeing Gungun’s behavior.
  • Mukherjee family gets a big surprise
  • Popular daily soap ‘Khorkuto’ has successfully completed 1 year of journey. The cast and crew enjoyed a good time together on the shooting sets celebrating their journey. The set was beautifully decorated to make the occasion more special.
  • Mukherjee family is in a celebratory mood. They all get together for Mishti’s baby shower. Siddheshwar doesn’t like the lavish arrangement and recurring expenses. He believes in a disciplined and simple lifestyle.
  • Khorkuto: Soujanya to visit Delhi; Gungun feels upset, all the family members are happy. But Bhajan feels disappointed as all the arrangements are done, but none asked them to sing. The latter enthusiastically starts a song right then, Shubho comes with the drum.
  • Gungun and Soujanya are finally happy. The family members heave a sigh of relief. Gungun, who passed with first calls marks, demands a celebration. She requests Siddheshwar to arrange a get together to celebrate her success. She wants to host the get-together on Siddheshwar and Nonibala’s 40th wedding anniversary. While Siddheshwar doesn’t want to celebrate their wedding anniversary to avoid extra expense, Nonibala feels bad. The couple start fighting.
  • Gungun finally confesses her love to Soujanya, Koushik attends the guests, especially the Mukherjee family. Suddenly, Shilpi comes and enquires about the groom. Siddheshwar informs her, they never wanted to come in the first place but Koushik forced them.
  • Shilpi wants Gungun to get married and start afresh. Soujanya denies all the allegations and says that Gungun couldn’t realise his love. She made a judgment based on illogical points.
  • Mukherjee family happily spend quality time together - Gungun isn’t ready to attend the function hosted by the dean of Soujanya’s institution.
  • Daily soap ‘Khorkuto’ crossed a new milestone. The show, starring Koushik Roy and Trina Saha as leads, has completed 300 episodes.
  • Bhajan tries his best to convince Gungun:
  • Potka reveals the truth about Adil.
  • Potka asks Adil to leave - Khorkuto, Koushik has been summoned by Nonibala. He wonders what Gungun might have done this time. Mishti guesses Gungun and Adil’s issue might be the topic Nonibala wants to discuss with him. Koushik fails to understand the matter and says Adil is a guest and Gungun took her to his house too. Nonibala states the incident that happened previously and points out how Gungun should have watched her actions.
  • Adil wants to click some pictures of Mukherjee family. He wants to show it to his parents. Siddheshwar becomes a spoilt sport and doesn’t want to click any photo. Rupanjan tries to convince Siddheshwar but gets scolded by him instead. Rupanjan teases Siddheshwar too. Nonibala takes Rupanjan’s side. As the family members are busy in the discussion, Adil clicks their pictures.
  • Meghomala comes home to meet Adil. The latter happily introduces himself to Meghomala. Siddheshwar grills Adil about his family background, job, and future plan. Adil says Mukherjee household is giving him a feel of 'mamabari'. His statement makes Potka uneasy and he gestures Adil to keep quiet.
  • Actor Rishav Basu entry.
  • Khorkuto, Gungun and Potka try their best to convince Siddheshwar to give some money for the sports event in the neighbourhood. After a lot of persuasions, Siddheshwar gives some money to them. Shubho gets happy, so does other family members. Gungun also convinces Siddheshwar to participate in the event.
  • Mukherjee family celebrates for Mishti's pregnancy good news, Gungun thinks she is unwell. Mishti feels shy and requests everyone to keep it a secret. She fears Gungun will break the news to everyone. Gungun takes the home by storm. None of the family members takes Gungun’s word seriously. She expected her dad would take Mishti’s condition seriously.
  • Potka and his team squeeze out a good amount of money from Soujanya who is in a tricky position after getting caught by them. Potka, Mishti, Chini and Rupanjan buy food and invite Putu, Sukalyan and Rupanjan’s parents at home.
  • Soujanya tries to apply some medicine on Gungun’s wound. She starts crying while Soujanya tries to calm her down. Soujanya tries to woo her and asks whether she loves him. Gungun says she loves him. Soujanya too confesses his love for Gungun. He also adds how much he missed Gungun when he went to meet Nonibala at her brother’s place.
  • Gungun is still upset with Soujanya for lying to her. He requests Gungun to put medicine on her wound but she denies. During the conversation, Soujanya mentions, he has to attend a conference. This makes Gungun a bit upset and she asks whether Tinni would go. Soujanya says other staff would also attend the conference.
About the Show, Story:
  • ‘Khorkuto’, which narrates the story of Gungun-Soujanya and their big fat happy family, is set for an interesting twist with Rishav’s entry.
  • Though he will be introduced as a guest to the Mukherjee family, there is a secret and Potka (Ambarish Bhattacharya) is aware of it.
Star Cast:
  • Actors Koushik Roy and Trina Saha are playing the lead roles in the show. ‘Khorkuto’ managed to engage the viewers with its fun quotient and simple story.
  • The television show has a strong cast including Dulal Lahiri, Ratna Ghoshal, Chandan Sen, Sohini Sengupta, Anushree Das, Badshah Moitra, Jayashree Mukherjee, Abhishek Chatterjee and many other senior actors of this industry who are known for their power-packed performances.
  • Actor Rishav Basu, who played a meaty role in Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Madhumita Sarcar starrer ‘Tangra Blues’, is set to make his television debut.
TRP, Reviews:
  • The show dominated the TRP charts for quite some time before getting replaced by ‘Mithai’.
  • The makers are trying hard to make the story interesting with frequent twists and turns.
  • A new track featuring Rishav is going to add some ‘tadka’ to the entertainment quotient.
  • It will be seen whether the new twist helps the show in terms of TRP.
One Year Special Episode:
  • Popular daily soap ‘Khorkuto’ has successfully completed 1 year of journey. The cast and crew enjoyed a good time together on the shooting sets celebrating their journey. The set was beautifully decorated to make the occasion more special.
  • The show starring Trina Saha and Koushik Roy as the lead characters turned out to be a huge hit. It started tasting success right after its launch; due credit to a simple storyline and a strong cast. The success of the show prompted the makers to launch it in other languages too. While a Hindi remake is on the cards, the show has its Tamil remake as 'Namma Veetu Ponnu'.
  • Leena Gangopadhyay conceptualised the story that revolves around a big fat joint family where all the members stand by each other during thick and thin. Protagonist Gungun (played by Trina Saha) is a happy-go-lucky girl who follows always her heart. She gets married to Soujanya (Koushik Roy), a scholar, who belongs to Mukherjee family. How Gungun steals the hearts of her in-laws with her innocence, makes the major crux. The show enjoys a good fan base due to its comic touch. It has a strong cast that includes some of the finest actors of the industry including Dulal Lahiri, Ratna Ghosal, Chandan Sen, Sohini Sengupta, Badshah Moitra, Ambarish Bhattacharjee to name a few.
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