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  • Today Episode
  • Popular show, Manjil Virinja Poovu completed the 1000 episodes milestone. The show has Malavika Wales, Yuva Krishna, Rekha Ratheesh, Shalu Menon, and others playing meaty roles. The longest-running serial of Malayalam TV, 'Manjil Virinja Poovu' has made history again. The show is completing the 1000 episodes milestone soon. The Malavika Wales and Yuva Krishna starrer which started in 2019 will also be completing four years of telecast shortly.
  • 'Manjil Virinja Poovu' kickstarted by portraying the life of a village belle, Anjana. Played by Malavika Wales, the character had many variations over the years. From getting married to a wealthy family, fighting for her dreams, and finally becoming the chief minister of Kerala, the character became one of the best in the actress' career too. Malavika's makeover as the chief minister of the state was much hailed by fans too. "Four years was a long journey. Manjil Virinja Poovu was a great experience for me. Just like the way you go through many insights while pursuing a degree, I have also learned a lot from this. It was indeed a learning experience for me. Undoubtedly, the show holds a remarkable place in my life," she said.
  • On the other hand, actor Yuva who made his acting debut with Manjil Virinja Poovu also became a sensation with his character Manu Prathap. Along with the lead couple, the supporting character played by Rekha Ratheesh, Mallika Prathap is also one of the favorites of the fans. Her variations from a proud businesswoman to a doting mother were much loved by fans.
  • Currently, the show progresses with the hardships Anjana is facing after being the chief minister of Kerala. The evil deeds of Azadi and Vinayan continue to be a threat to her. However, the strong-willed lady continues to win over her enemies.


I am enjoying the transformation from a soft-spoken village belle to first female CM of Kerala: The popular show 'Manjil Virinja Poovu' is all set to introduce yet another twist in the storyline. In the show, after the days of struggles, Anjana will soon swear in as the first female chief minister of Kerala. Just like the fans, actress Malavika Wales, who plays the main protagonist, is also excited about the new change in her character. "I enjoy every change that happens to my character. This time, it's being a Chief Minister. The transformations in Anjana are also exciting as well as challenging. The changes from a soft-spoken village belle to a strong-bold politician was surely a great journey for the actor in me also," she told ETimes TV.  Talking about the preparations she has taken for the new change in the character, the actress shared that she is trying her best to make it different. "In TV serials, we can't expect to get much of a preparation time. It is all about spontaneity and how easily you get adapted to change. However, I am trying my best to make it different. Be it the way I talk or walk, I am adapting minor changes to make Anjana more likable in the new avatar too. Thanks to my writer Jayaprasad and director Prasad, the effort they have put to shape this character is appreciable," she said.

  • 'Manjil Virinja Poovu' to surprise fans with a new twist; Anjana to become a chief minister:
    The longest-running show on Malayalam TV, 'Manjil Virinja Poovu', is all set to entertain fans with an interesting turn in the storyline. The main protagonist of the show, Anjana can be seen swearing in as the first female chief minister of Kerala. The new storyline will be introduced in a mega episode on Sunday (July 31). Anjana can be seen swearing in as the chief minister. Interestingly, actress Malavika Wales, who is playing Anjana is spotted in a different makeover too.
  • As per the storyline, Anjana has won in the election with a great margin. However, after the election results in a hung. Meanwhile, Anjana demands to be given the chief minister position and she faces yet another public vote. Finally, the main protagonist manages to gain support from both the public and politicians.

  • Malavika Wales
    and Yuva Krishna starrer Manjil Virinja Poovu has successfully completed the 600 episodes. Sharing their excitement about the achievement, the actors have thanked the viewers for their constant support.
    In a video that surfaced online, both Malavika and Yuva ensure the viewers that the show has a few surprise elements in the storyline.

  • Notably, the show currently deals with Anjana falling prey to Manu's wicked plans.
About the Show/Serial:
  • Manjil Virinja Poovu is one of the much-loved shows on Malayalam TV.
  • The story of a village girl dreaming about becoming an IAS officer was much-loved by fans. Currently, the show progresses with Anjana achieving her dreams and becoming an IAS officer, who supports the tea estate workers.
  • The striking chemistry between Yuva and Malavika Wales is often credited as the biggest attraction of the show. On the other hand, the realistic acting of Rekha Ratheesh, who plays Mallika Prathap in the show, also earning praises from the audience.
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