TOP 10 Controversies of Namitha Marimuthu (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)

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Namitha Marimuthu walks out of the show: It’s official. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant Namitha Marimuthu has walked out of the show. This was confirmed by the announcement made by Bigg Boss himself. The first weekend episode of this season aired on October 9. Earlier, there was buzz that Namitha is quitting the show. The episode began with the official announcement. Bigg Boss said that Namitha Marimuthu has quit the show due to some unavoidable reasons. The housemates and the audience in the hall were shocked on hearing this announcement. Actor and the BB Tamil host welcomed everyone into the show. Kamal said that Namitha Marimuthu narrated a touching story of her life’s history. The housemates alone didn’t give hearts to Namitha. Even the audience and he also were touched by the heart-rending story of Namitha and gave their hearts. Kamal added, “I was thinking that the representation of such a talented person from the transgender community was an important one. But, I learnt from Bigg Boss that she has quit the show due to unavoidable reasons. Namitha has broken all the barriers in her path and has succeeded in her life. I would like to wish her to continue to achieve similar successes in the future also”.  Namitha made her entry into the house on the premiere day (October 3) as one of the 18 contestants. By doing so, Namitha made history by becoming the first transgender to feature as a contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil show’s history.  Namitha narrated the horrifying troubles faced by her and the members of the LGBTQ+ community during the ‘Oru Kadhai Sollatuma’ task. She urged everyone to change their mindset towards transgenders. The revelations made by her have definitely touched the souls of almost everyone who watched it.


  • Transgender Namitha Marimuthu is the first contestant to enters the Bigg Boss Tamil 5.
  • It is an honour to welcome this contestant to the stage, says Kamal Haasan welcoming the first transgender contestant of the show, Namitha.
  • It is an honour to welcome this contestant to the stage
  • Kamal Haasan as he welcomes the first transgender contestant Namitha to the show
  • Namitha presents a gift to Kamal, Contestant Namitha gifts a book to the host, written by a transgender IPS office.
  • This opportunity is an honour for my community. I will make sure, I make everyone proud - Namitha
About Namitha Marimuthu:

  • Transgender Namitha Marimuthu is a popular model and actress who won the Miss Trans Star International 2020 pageant.
  • Nadodigal 2 marked her singing and acting debut.

  • My parents couldn't accept my physical change as a transgender, they thrashed me a lot:
    The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 housemates are performing the task ‘Oru Kadhai Sollattuma’. During her turn, Namitha Marimuthu urges everyone to change their mindset about the transgender community. 
  • From childhood, my mother raised me with the advice that we should accept people how they are, in spite of their problems and inabilities. But, my parents didn’t accept me during my physical changes as a transgender. I was thrashed a lot by my parents for the same and I felt sick due to the punishments. Public assumed that all transgenders indulge in thefts and prostitution. Parents are the major reason for all these issues. Everyone advises transgender to rectify their mistakes. But, the duty is upon the society to change their ideas towards transgenders”.
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