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  • TV show ‘Tumii Je Amar Maa’ completes 200 episodes,
    All the cast and crew of TV show ‘Tumii Je Amar Maa’ are in a celebratory mood after all, it’s a double century for them. The daily soap starring Priya Mondal and Suman Dey has completed a successful run of 200 episodes which certainly calls for a celebration. The artists along with their teammates who work behind the camera very hard to make the show a success, celebrated their new milestone together. They all had a gala time while enjoying their achievement together in a cosy celebration party, on the shooting set of the show.
  • The TV show, starring Suman and Priya as the lead pair, was launched in June, 2022. It managed to catch the attention of the Bengali audience with its heart-touching storyline that revolves around a small girl who longs for mother’s love. The kid Aru wants to find a woman who can perform all the duties of a mother perfectly. Fate brings her to Arohi, a village belle who develops an affection for the young girl. Aru and Arohi become friends. While Priya is playing Arohi’s role and young artist Aradhya Biswas is essaying Aru’s character, Suman plays the character of a doting dad. The ensemble cast also features Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya, who plays the role of Aru’s biological mom who left the baby girl to pursue her career in modelling.
  • Aradhya as Aru instantly won the hearts of Bengali audience wile Suman and Priya’s jodi has also managed to woo the audience with their reel chemistry.

  • Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya joins the cast of ‘Tumii Je Amar Maa’,
    The Bengali beauty, who is celebrating her birthday (September 21), has bagged a new project. She will play an interesting character in the show unlike her previous two TV outings, ‘Mon Phagun’ and ‘Falna’.  Roshni will play a famous model named Riddhima in the on-going show.
  • According to the story, Riddhima left her husband Aniruddha and daughter Aru to pursue her dream career. She tastes success as a model while Aniruddha takes care of his little daughter. Interestingly, when Riddhima’s modelling career witnesses a downfall, she decides to go back to her family. Meanwhile, little Aru has found a friend and confidante in Arohi who becomes her (Aru’s) protective shield. While they begin their journey as friends despite having an age gap, things take a different turn when Aru gets hospitalised because of critical illness and requires a liver transplant. Without thinking twice Arohi decides to donate a part of her liver to save Aru’s life. This changes the entire equation as Aniruddha, who was dead against marrying someone for the second time despite Aru’s constant request, makes an important decision. He decides to fulfil Aru’s wish, who longs for mother’s love, and marry Arohi.
  • While male protagonist Aniruddha is about to take such a vital step, the makers have decided to take the drama a notch higher and bring his (Aniruddha’s) first wife Riddhima back.

  • A glimpse of Tumii Je Amar Maa’s outdoor shoot in Bolpur:  starring actors Suman Dey and Priya Mondal as the lead pair was launched yesterday (June 6). Young artist Aradhya Biswas is essaying Aru’s character. The team is working hard to make the show a success. A number of initial sequences were shot at Bolbur, Birbhum and the cast and crew had a gala time.
  • Actor Suman Dey to play a doting dad in ‘Tumii Je Amar Maa’
Story of Tumii Je Amar Maa
  • The story will revolve around a little girl named Arohi who is in search of her ideal mother. Arohi has everything in her life but she is deprived of her mother’s love. The little girl is loved by everyone and very much pampered. She wants to find a new mom at any cost and also has a checklist to match the criteria of an ideal one.
Star Cast:

  • Bengali actor Suman Dey, whose performance in ‘Rani Rashmoni’ was highly appreciated by the audience, has bagged a new show. He will be seen playing the male lead in ‘Tumii Je Amar Maa’. Unlike his last project, the upcoming show will feature him in a brand new avatar. He will play a doting dad in this upcoming television show which will narrate a heart-touching story.
  • Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is her dad. Aniruddha is a hotelier who runs a successful business. He is smart, intelligent and successful. At the same time, he plays the role of a father and mother. At times, he feels helpless when Arohi constantly demands to meet her mother.
  • While Suman is playing Aniruddha’s character, Arohi’s character is played by Aradhya Biswas. Suman is currently busy prepping up for the character he would be playing in the new show. He has lost ample of weight in the past few months which he had to gain for his role as Dwarikanath in ‘Rani Rashmoni’.
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