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  • Mou Er Bari’s story will take the leap of two years. Protagonist Mou finally follows her dream and becomes a WBCS officer. She is eager to meet her parents. Mou shares the good news with dad Mahitosh. But to her dismay, Mahitosh, who was already suffering from Alzheimer's disease, fails to recognise Mou. She is shattered by the irony of life. It was Mahitosh, who always wanted Mou to be a WBCS officer. Now, when she has finally fulfilled Mahitosh’s dream, her life is witnessing a tragic moment. While female protagonist Mou is now a WBCS officer, her husband Rupam’s life also takes a brand new turn. He is no more a happy-go-lucky guy. Rupam has turned into a successful businessman. With Mou and Rupam’s successful career, their personal life is also awaiting some new changes. After two years they are again close but only time could say whether the married couple finally starts a fresh chapter leaving the past incidents behind. Adrija is essaying Mou’s character while Abhishek is paired opposite her as the female lead. Sujan Mukherjee is essaying Mahitosh while Dipanwita Nath is playing Mou’s mom in this show.
  • Romantic sequences in Indian cinema and television shows aren’t complete without a mushy proposal:Mou Er Bari’ actors Adrija Addy Roy and Abhishek Veer Sharma shoot in beautiful locations of Darjeeling; Television show ‘Mou Er Bari’ starring Adrija Addy Roy and Abhishek Veer Sharma in the lead roles, is gearing up for its launch on August 30. The team recently went on an outdoor schedule and shot some important sequences in the beautiful locations of Darjeeling and Siliguri. Abhishek and Adrija candidly spoke about his experience. We also have some beautiful pictures from the shooting locations.
  • 'Mou er Bari' to premiere on August 30, Adrija Roy, Abhishek Veer Sharma and Sujan Neel Mukherjee are main cast of Mou Er Bari.
About the show, Story, Plot:
  • The show is based on an interesting storyline that highlights the topic that a daughter should take care of her parents even after marriage, against the popular belief that it is a son’s duty to look after his parents.
  • Show has an interesting storyline. It questions the age-old belief that says, only a son should take care of his parents. A daughter, on the other hand, should take care of her in-laws after marriage.
  • ‘Mou er Bari’ is also set to launch on a popular Bengali TV channel on August 30.
Star Cast:
  • Actress Adrija Addy Roy has bagged the lead role in the show ‘Mou Er Bari’. Adrija will be seen essaying a strong character in the show. Her reel character Mou is a confident, honest, and responsible individual who wants to shoulder all the duties towards her parents and in-laws at the same time. Adrija is a popular face of Bengali television. She has been a part of many popular shows including ‘Mangal Chandi’, ‘Durga Durgeshwari’, ‘Sanyasi Raja’, to name a few. With endorsements, TV shows, and other projects in her kitty, Adrija is quite busy these days. Besides, ‘Mou Er Bari’, the actress will also be seen in the upcoming show ‘Bikram Betal’. The actress also has films to her credit.
  • Actor Abhishek Veer Sharma, who was earlier seen in ‘Saraswatir Prem’, will be paired opposite Adrija as the male lead. Abhishek is originally from North Bengal. He made his debut with comedy-drama ‘Saraswatir Prem’. Actress Pallavi Day played the female lead in the show. Though, Saraswatir Prem couldn’t show its magic on the TRP charts and concluded its journey quite soon, the show made Abhishek a household name. Besides ‘Mou Er Bari’, the same channel is going to launch three other daily soaps and a music reality show.
Interesting Facts:
  • The makers are leaving no stone unturned to give a cinematic feel in ‘Mou Er Bari’. Despite facing odds due to bad weather, the cast and crew worked hard to shoot some romantic sequences featuring Abhishek and Adrija. Team members chose some breathtakingly beautiful locations at the backdrop of a cascading waterfall, river, and tea garden during recce. Here's one of those...
  • Though ‘Mou Er Bari’ explores a sensitive topic, the viewers can see some mushy moments between leads Rupam (played by Abhishek) and Mou (played by Adrija). The team chose some beautiful spots to shoot the sequence. Natural beauty at the backdrop made the romantic moments magical.
  • Romantic sequences in Indian cinema and television shows aren’t complete without a mushy proposal. Following the same, team ‘Mou Er Bari’ also shot a sequence. “It is actually a dream sequence. Rupam is in love with Mou who is a scholar. Rupam, on the other hand, is yet to make a mark in his career. Mou, who is very responsible by nature, turns down Rupam initially. We shot the dream sequence near Panighata. It was a really beautiful location,” adds Abhishek.
  • “There was a bike-riding scene. Our director Gopal da took me to the hill top and showed me the place till where I have to continue the bike ride. It was so cloudy that I could barely see anything. Initially, I was excited but riding a bike in the hill area is a risky business. I was riding and kept asking Gopal da where to stop. I realised the endpoint isn’t nearby unlike what I had imagined from the hill top. The clouds made the situation tougher,” Abhishek recalls. The bike was quite heavy and the actor faced many hurdles during the scene. “Gopal da was speaking with me over walkie-talkie. My concentration was on bike and the serpentine road ahead. It was a tricky moment, to maintain the grip on the handle, use the break and reply over the walkie-talkie. Only I know how I managed (laughs),” shares Abhishek.

Bengali TV New Shows:
  • A whole lot of entertainment is waiting for Bengali television audiences. Right from reality shows to family-drama, there is a full platter of entertainment. Besides ‘Mou er Bari’. Another show is set to launch on the same day.
  • Teen Shaktir Aadhar-Trishul’, produced by Snehasish Chakraborty, will also be launched on the same day. Tumpa Ghosh, Sudipta Chakraborty, Debleena Dutt and Monalisa Das will be seen playing prominent roles. While Tumpa and Sudipta will play on-screen siblings, Debleena is set to essay a negative role in the show.
  • Uma’, narrating the story of a girl who aspires to be a cricketer, will premiere soon too. Model Shinjinee Chakraborty will play the female lead while rumours suggest, Neel Bhattacharya is likely to play the male lead.
  • Aye Tobe Sohochori’, starring Koneenica Banerjee and Indrajit Chakraborty is also in the pipeline besides music reality show ‘Super Singer Season 3’.
  • The actress, who is a true blue travel enthusiast, enjoyed the outdoor shoot. “Outdoor shoots are always fun. I had a great time with the team. According to the story, we are from North Bengal and the introductory scenes were beautifully shot. Every day, after the wrap-up, we used to enjoy adda at the hotel. Abhishek is from North Bengal. We also went to his place and had a good time. I couldn’t resist myself and stayed back in Darjeeling even after the schedule was over. Although I couldn’t enjoy the toy train ride, I had a good time there,” says Adrija.
  • Abhishek, is playing the male lead role in the show. He had a good experience shooting for the special sequences. “It was an amazing experience for me. The team is really good and energetic. The weather was unpredictable. Right after a sunny moment, the beautiful sky got clouded. Soon, it started raining. We used to wait for the rain to stop or slightly better weather. The moment, it got better, we would start shooting. We shot in different spots of Darjeeling like Mirik, Kurseong, and Siliguri. I enjoyed every bit of it,” says Abhishek.

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