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Latest Update:

  • Aggabai Sunbai fame Uma Pendharkar to play Parvatibai in upcoming show Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar
About the Show:
  • New Marathi devotional TV show Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar is all set to entertain the viewers. It is a mythological show based on the life of saint Jay Shankar.
  • The show will feature many lead actors of the industry in various roles.
Star Cast:
  • Aggabai Sunbai fame Uma Pendharkar. The actress, who rose to fame with the show Swamini, will play the role of goddess Parvati in the show. Along with her, actor Atul Aglave is also going to play the role of God Shiva's father and child actor Arush Bedekar will play the lead role of Shiv Shankar Maharaj on-screen.
  • Uma Pendharkar shared her excitement about playing the role of Parvati and said, "I have earlier played the role of Parvatibai Peshwe in the show Swamini and now because of the love of the audience, I am again set to play the role of Parvati. One common thread between the two Parvatibais is their motherly feelings and their immense faith in God. She added, "It is a great opportunity to become the mother of Yogeshwar Maharaj and that is why I am trying to study and work on the character more. I consider it a great blessing that I got the opportunity to convey Maharaj's thoughts and his work through this show. That is one of the reasons I am ready to play this role wholeheartedly and responsibly"
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  1. She is superb, atul aaglave, aarush is also good. However I feel the actors playing the characters of martand and vandana are artificial. They are not natural and seem artificial
    Also pls do not focus only on their bad actions against shankar. Focus on yog yogi shankar's miracles also.