Hindi TV Show Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Story


Latest Update:
  • Today Episode
  • Sayantani Ghosh, whose last show Tera Yaar Hoon Main was well received by the audience, is back on the small screen with Alibaba – Dastaan-e-Kabul where she is seen playing the role of SimSim. 
  • Exclusive: Jayaram Karthik returns to Hindi TV with new soap
About the Show:

  • A fantasy soap opera Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul, which will go on floors this month.
  • The makers have taken a thread from Ali Baba and Forty Thieves and developed it into a gripping story.
  • Will Begin shooting for the first schedule of the serial in Ladakh.”
  • The project is being directed by Maan Singh.
Star Cast:
  • Jayaram Karthik, who made his Hindi television debut with the popular soap

    Siya Ke Ram as Ravan, which won him accolades. He is set to make a comeback to the Hindi small screen after over five years,
    Delighted about his Hindi TV return, Karthik says, “I play the antagonist once again. It’s a fantastic character and my look will be completely different from my previous outing"
  • On working in Hindi television, he adds, “People are warm and welcoming. It feels like a second home for me. It is never easy for an actor from outside to get established in the Hindi television industry, because language matters, which I have managed to master with elan. I am sure I will live up to the expectations of audiences even in the new television series by living the character," he sums up. 
  • Sayantani Ghosh, Your previous show Tera Yaar Hoon Main where you played Daljeet had a slice of realism in it. How challenging has it been for you to take up a fantasy show right after? As an actor, I have been working for the last 17 years, you possibly can't be doing similar kinds of roles. It becomes monotonous. And after so many years of experience, you often tend to find yourself in an auto pilot mode where you are doing good work but it's just continuing that. You have to break the mould. To reinvent yourself, you have to kind of pick up jobs that are different from the ones you have done and are a bit more challenging. At least that is what I am always looking out for. My projects should be different from each other. Sometimes the genre of the show, sometimes on the physical level - the look of the character, sometimes on the emotional level. Because that's what keeps me invested and emotionally motivated. It is a challenge but that's an actor's job. I can't always be asking to be doing the same roles again and again because it makes me comfortable. From our point of view, Tera Yaara Hoon Main was a more real show and you might say Alibaba is not a real show. But as a team, we are not approaching it that way. Yes, it does come into the broader category of a costume drama but we are also trying to make the audience believe that such a world exists. It's a world driven by emotions. The core connect is the emotional aspect. The feel and the look of the show is different. Our effort is to show that it's not our world but such a world exists. That's how we are approaching the project.
  • It's a character that has never been played before. Where are you drawing your references from?
    Nowhere, honestly. Because there's no reference point you know. In fact, this is one of the reasons I decided to be onboard. Initially I was like okay, shall I, shall I not. Obviously you evaluate things but then the makers called me. They said just come for the narration. I did that. Whatever we have known of Alibaba's SimSim is just 'Khul Ja Sim Sim' but now the personified Sim Sim in itself was such a challenging and an attractive part. To create something new is so beautiful. We are in the process of creating her. Obviously, we have a larger picture of who she is. But because there is no precedence to it, we are all living her journey. And that works out wonderfully. For me, I will always have the title of being the first SimSim of television. I am going to be the reference point for SimSims to come in the near future. So for me honestly there is no reference point. Whatever appreciation and connection that I have found with the audience you know being a villain yet she is in love so much. Her core emotion is love. Whatever she is doing, it is to get back her love. I think that's a very universal emotion. All of us want to protect our loved ones. So that is what SimSim is driven by.
  • What was your husband's reaction to the look?, We have been friends for the past 8-9 years. He has seen me in different kinds of looks. Initially, I showed the photographs and all to him but he realised the challenges of it when he saw it on TV. I used to return and tell him that I have a headache because the crown is heavy. Also, the quality that SimSim has been given, that of flying, requires me to be on the harness. Now my body is used to it because I have worked towards my core strengthening and skills. But in the initial days I used to struggle because the whole day I had to be on the harness. So physically it was very challenging. I'd tell this to my husband, he'd understand. He is very appreciative of whatever I do. Healthy criticism also keeps coming but appreciation is more.
  • In the show, your character will go to any lengths to free the love of her life, Iblis (Karthik Jayaram). How true is it for Sayantani in real life? How is Sayantani in love?
    I am a very pragmatic person but I am also very emotional. But at the end or after any emotional turmoil, Sayantani lands up taking a practical call. That's the way I am. When it comes to my loved ones, I will go to any lengths to protect them.
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