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Latest Update:
  • Wow 3 teaser: BB Telugu 2 winner Kaushal Manda reveals he has finalised casting for Pawan Kalyan's 1999 blockbuster 'Thammudu'

  • Saikumar
    -hosted 'Wow 3' will have some new guests in its upcoming episode which promises lots of fun and interesting revelations.
  • Actors and famed TV personalities Kaushal Manda, Ali Reza, Ravikrishna, and Divi will be seen in the next episode. 
  • The latest teaser shows host Saikumar having a fun banter with his guests while Ravikrishna and Ali Reza can be seen at their entertaining best. While Kaushal gets along with his younger colleagues, he also makes an interesting revelation. He can be spotted telling host Saikumar that he worked with Pawan Kalyan in finalising the entire cast for the latter's 1999 blockbuster 'Thammudu'. This lesser known side of Kaushal has left Saikumar and others impressed.
  • On the other hand, Divi leaves fans floored with her dance moves and cat-mouse equation with Ravikrishna. Ravikrishna and Ali Reza are BFFs in real life and their chemistry reflects in the show. While Kaushal is busy with his films, Ali is focused on his acting career in movies and web series. Ravikrishna is entertaining fans with his stint in Dhee 14, Divi has a bunch of movies and web series in her kitty.
  • This special 102nd episode is slated for telecast on July 12.
  • The third edition of the popular game show hosted by Saikumar has completed 100 episodes recently and has invited actresses Laila, Archana, Rohit, and Kasthuri for the special episode. The unique format of the show along with Saikumar's able and entertaining hosting skills are one of the assets of the TV series. The episodes where he has performed a dialogue jugalbandi with his late father PJ Sarma, son Aadi, brother Ravi Shankar and his younger brother Ayyappa much later are easily one of the most favourite ones for the fans.
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