Abusive’ ex-boyfriend and Manipulative’ step father

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  • Bigg Boss OTT, which premiered on August 6 seems to have taken the viewers on an emotional ride already as the contestants recently opened up about their hidden sorrows and emotional moments in their life. However, what turned out to be a heart-wrenching one was when Sanya Iyer opened up about her abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend and equation with her step-father.
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  • Sanya Iyer of Putta Gowri Madve fame is quite a diva in real life. The actress, who played the role of Junior Gowri during the premiere of the show, has turned out to be a true blue fashionista lately.
  • Sanya was recently seen with the dance reality show 'Dancing champion' as one of the contestants. However, she had quit during the semi-finale week as her dance partner entered marital bliss.
  • Born and brought up in a star-studded family, Sanya Iyer started her acting career at a very tender age. As a child artist, Sanya made her debut on the small screen with popular Kannada daily soap 'Puttagowri Madve'. She played the key role of Gowri junior, who is forced into a child marriage.
  • After Puttagowri Maduve, Sanya took a brief break and made her comeback on Kannada TV with the dance reality show 'Dancing stars' as one of the participants in the show. Besides being the youngest contender, the actress managed to give a stiff competition to her fellow contestants and managed to be one of the finalists.
  • Currently, she is all set to enter Bigg Boss Kannada OTT and steal the show.

  • Sanya Iyer opens up about her ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriend and ‘manipulative’ step father
  • The actress apologised to her mother and maternal aunts as she started to narrate the biggest sorrow of her life. Sanya spoke about growing up seeing her maternal aunt being assaulted physically by her husband and hoe she felt it was very common in married life.
  • Sanya added it has affected her personal life as well especially when she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She revealed that she too was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and was even once got chocked by him during an argument. Sanya mentioned how she always wanted to work on her relationship with him and make it a better one despite the abuse.
  • Having spoken about her abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Sanya then opened up about how her life turned upside down post the entry of her step father. Describing the void of not having a father figure in life, Saanya Iyer reduced to tears as she remembered how her stepfather manipulated things in her family only to stay close to her mother.
  • Sanya disclosed that her stepfather shot a video of the her spending time with her boyfriend. She added that her step father shot the video in such a way that the entire incident got misinterpreted. Sanya even mentioned that her step father not only showed the video to her family members but also to their near and dear ones in the industry only to prove that her mother is incapable of looking after her daughter being a single parent.
  • The young actress suffered a major emotional breakdown as she confronted the same.
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