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Latest Update:
  • Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestant Keerthi Keshav Bhat: From losing her family in a road accident to winning hearts with her TV performances, all you need to know about the actress 

  • Ex-Karthika Deepam actress Keerthi Keshav Bhat reveals horrific details about losing her family in a 2017 car crash, and adopted daughter before stepping into BB house,
    the contestants opened up about their personal lives, especially parents and kids. After the Sisindri task, the contestants were asked to share their memories about their parents or parenthood, and Keerthi Keshav Bhat, who recently played the character of grown-up 'Hima' in the show, left everyone with a heavy heart with her emotional story. Keerthi had earlier revealed that she lost her entire family in a car accident. But she has revealed some horrific details in the recent episode. Revealing that she lost her mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece in the car crash in 2017 while she saw her father breathe his last in the hospital before she slipped into a coma for more than a month. The actress shared how she woke up to realise there is no one left for her, cursed God, and finally moved to Bangalore with just Rs. 300/- in her pocket. Keerthi added that her adopted daughter Tanu gave her hope and reason to stay alive. The noted TV actress took everyone by surprise when she revealed that she lost her adopted daughter also due to a respiratory ailment just before stepping into the BB house. A few housemates were taken aback when Keerthi disclosed that she can never have babies due to the surgical removal of her uterus post her accident. Keerthi got extremely emotional as she recalled her story of survival. She mustered the courage to narrate her ordeal and wished to adopt another baby soon after stepping out of the house.
About Keerthi Keshav Bhat:
  • Occupation Actress, Keerthi Keshav Bhat is a popular actress in Telugu and Kannada television worlds.
  • Born and brought up in Bangalore, Keerthi has been interested in art and films.
  • She forayed into the Kannada entertainment industry after a formal training in dance and acting. Keerthi has featured in a couple of Kannada daily soaps and films like 'Kaneyagiddale' but Telugu show 'Manasichchi Chudu' was her biggest breakthrough.
  • Keerthi got closer to the Telugu telly audiences with her performances as 'Bhanu' in the show. Her chemistry with co-star Mahesh is widely admired. The on-screen couple has many fan pages dedicated to them.
  • Keerthi was recently roped in for the most watched Telugu daily soap 'Karthika Deepam' as well. Keerthi has won a million hearts with her performance as grown up Hima and on-screen chemistry with Maanas Nagulapalli as Nirupam in the show. However, the makers have recently reverted to the old storyline bringing back Premi Viswanath, Nirupam Paritala and Shobha Shetty.
Unknown Facts:

  • On the personal front, Keerthi reportedly lost her parents, brother and sister-in-law, in a major road accident.
  • She also suffered major injuries and even slipped into a coma, as per the reports.
  • However, she found a footing in the showbiz world and even adopted a baby girl.
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