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  • Indira's life in danger; Gregory tries his best to protect his mother, The popular show 'Sasneham' continues to entertain fans with an interesting storyline and the brilliant performances of the actors. The story currently progresses with Mohini's evil deeds to kill Indira, her mother-in-law. In the recent episode of the show, a killer enters the house at night. He manages to open the front door and enters Indira's room. The killer tends to strangle Indira with the pillow but he notices a photograph on the bedside. He gets shocked to see Gregory and Mohini's wedding picture and he aborts the mission.
  • After coming out of the house, Subash, the killer, calls Gregory. He introduces himself as a goon and asks Gregory whether he got married recently. Further, the killer confesses that he had entered Gregory's house and his motto was to kill Indira. Shocked by Subash's words, Gregory informs the same to Mohini. Mohini panics and says that Priya is an evil person. Later, the duo decides to go back to their house soon. Gregory also says that he should take Indira to a safer place soon.
  • The next morning, Priya is seen waiting to learn about Indira's death. But, leaving her surprised, Indira enters the house. Confused Priya, blabbers about last night, and Indira gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Gregory and Priya reach the house. Indira asks why they canceled their trip so soon. Priya lies that Gregory misses Indira hence they come back.
  • 'Sasneham' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Rekha Ratheesh, KPAC Saji, Mithun Menon, Kishore, and Soniya playing the lead roles.

  • Mohini is on a mission to change Priya
  • The popular show 'Sasneham' is gaining attention with the new twists in the storyline. The show which recently introduced the new character Mohini, played by Sreekutty seems to be ruling the plot now.
  • In the recent episode of the 'Sasneham', Manu lashes out at Mohini and Amma for troubling Priya. He says no one has the right to annoy his wife. Mohini replies that no one is trying to create any issue here. Surprised by Manu's words, Amma says she doesn't want anyone in the house to fight.
  • On the other hand, Priya is happy that Manu is picking a fight with his family for her. She also complains that Mohini is trying to irritate her. Mohini says it is because of Priya's evil nature that everyone is suffering in the family.
  • Meanwhile, Gregory enters the scene and enquires about the reason for the argument. Manu shouts at Gregory too. Gregory advises Manu not to fall for Priya's words. He also warns Manu not to blame Amma for anything.
  • Later, Gregory, Mohini, and Amma are seen talking about Priya. Gregory says it is tough to live with Priya, who is creating many issues. Mohini replies that she has the plan to change Priya and needs Amma's support for it. Amma is apprehensive that it might create further issues. Mohini assures to change Priya.
About the Show:
  • Sasneham is an Indian Malayalam-language television soap opera launched on 8 June 2021 in Malayalam entertainment Channel Asianet and also streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starring Rekha Ratheesh and K. P. A. C. Saji in lead roles.
  • This series focuses on trials and tribulations of older generation who are thrown into Old age homes.
  • The show premiered on 8 June 2021, a Tuesday at 8.40 PM as a filler due to another show Seetha Kalyanam halted temporarily due to COVID-19 second wave.
  • Since the starting, the show received average TRP rating as there is a less promotion and after some weeks it is moved to evening slot of 6:30 PM.
  • In some weeks of 2021, the show received highest TRP ratings of the evening time slot.
New Star Cast:
  • 'Sasneham' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Rekha Ratheesh, KPAC Saji, Mithun Menon, Kishore, and Soniya playing the lead roles.
  • Rekha Ratheesh as Indira / Indu: Manu's mother, Priya's mother-in-law, Balachandran's childhood friend
  • K. P. A. C. Saji as Balachandran / Balan: Meera's father, Adv. Raghu's father-in-law, Sudhi's grandfather, Indira's childhood friend
  • Kishore as Gregory, Indira's real son
  • Mithun Menon as Manu Chandran: Indira's fake son, Priya's husband
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