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  • Gopala Krishnan and Matron chechi recreate the iconic 'Kambili Puthappu' scene after three decades,
    It is nearly impossible to find a Malayali, who hasn't mouther the iconic movie dialogue 'Kambili Puthappu' ever in their life. The evergreen scene from the 1989 movie 'Ramji Rao Speaking' has entered the vocabulary of Keralites decades before. What if someone tells you that the actors of the same scene, Mukesh and Amrutham Gopinath have recreated the same after 34 years? Yes, you heard it right, the duo had a happy reunion on the sets of the new show, 'Kidilam'.
  • Premiere episode of the talent show, 'Kidilam', 84-year-old dancer Amrutham was seen as a performer. After her remarkable performance, both Amrutham and Mukesh recreated their iconic dialogue as per the request of host Parvathy Krishna. Undoubtedly, they are full of charm even after years.
  • On a similar note, Amrutham left everyone impressed with her classical dance performance. Dancer-actress Navya Nair shared that she is blessed to witness such an act. She said that she marveled at the spirit of the veteran dancer. Judge and singer Rimi Tomy said that Amrutham is an inspiration for senior citizens. In the competition, Amrutham managed to win Rs 25000 too
  • New talent show 'Kidilam' to mark actress Navya Nair's TV debut
  • The new show 'Kidilam' will mark the TV debut of actress Navya Nair. The show will feature unique talents from different walks of life. 'Kidilam' will have the grand launch on Saturday (December 31).
  • Soon after the teaser of the show is out, fans are going gaga over the glimpse of some talents who can be seen in the show. The videos of a kid remembering the Kerala ministers, a group of talents performing Kolkkali with a blindfold, and a man supporting a bicycle with his mouth are already making rounds on social media.
    'Kidilam' will have the grand launch on Saturday (December 31).
About the Show:
  • Malayali audiences are set to witness yet another breathtaking talent show.
  • The new show, 'Kidilam' is set to launch and there is already a huge buzz around it.
  • The show, which is apparently the same format as the popular show, 'Ugram Ujjwalam' will be a platform for unique talents.
  • The show will have actors Mukesh, Navya Nair, and singer Rimi Tomy as judges.

  • Notably, the show will mark the TV debut of the popular actress. Though she has grabbed attention with her words as well as her performances in many TV shows, it is for the first time that Navya will be seen as a judge.
  • For the unversed, actor Mukesh was earlier seen as a judge in the comedy show 'Comedy Stars'. On the other hand, Rimi Tomy was last seen in 'Super Kudumbam'.
Host, Anchor:
  • TV host Parvathy Krishna, who was taking a break from the industry post her pregnancy will be making her comeback as the anchor too.
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