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  • Meenakshi Kalyanam to go off-air; Apsara shares a glimpse of the climax sequence and bids goodbye to Meenakshi,
    The popular show, 'Meenakshi Kalyanam' is soon going off-air. Announcing the same, actress Apasara, who plays the main protagonist Meenakshi, has shared a glimpse of the climax shoot. "Thanks a bunch for all ur love & support, Yours Meenakshi & Team Meenakshi Kalyanam," she wrote. In the video, lead actors Apsara and Renjith can be seen shooting a romantic sequence for the climax episode. As per the video, Meenakshi is expected to reveal to Varun, that they are soon going to embrace parenthood. Excited by the good news, Varun carries Meenakshi in his arms and walks into the house.
  • Soon after the video is surfaced online, fans are surprised at the unexpected end of the show. Apsara's post is filled with fan comments sharing that they will miss the serial. 'Meenakshi Kalyanam' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. Apart from Apsara and Renjith Menon, the show has Sanal Krishnan, and Prarthana Krishna playing the lead roles. The striking chemistry between actors Renjith and Apsara enjoyed a huge fan following and they have many social media pages dedicated to them.
  • Tamil actress Apsara aka Lidiya Paul became a household name with her character Manasi in 'Rakkuyil'. Besides portraying the lead role, she was also the scriptwriter of the same show.

  • Darshana is determined to abort her unborn child
  • The popular show, 'Meenakshi Kalyanam' continues to win hearts with the unexpected twists and turns in the show.
  • After the decision to deliver her baby safely, Darshana is back to the decision to kill the baby.
  • In the recent episode, Darshana and Mahesh are seen having an intimate conversation. During the chat, Mahesh asks Darshana whether she likes a baby girl or a boy more. Darshana, who was shocked by Mahesh's question, remains silent. Mahesh hugs her and says that he wants a baby girl, who is as cute as Darshana. However, Darshana thinks that this is the last time that they will be talking about the baby as she has planned for an abortion.
  • Before leaving the room, Mahesh kisses her baby bump and says goodbye to Darshana. He also asks Darshana to have proper food and medication. Later, Darshana takes the medicine and heads to the kitchen. She puts the medicine in a glass of water and tends to drink it. But, Unnikuttan enters the kitchen and spills the glass of water.
  • Darshana gets shocked and she lashes out at him. Unnikuttan apologizes to her for the mistake. Meanwhile, Amma enters the kitchen and enquires what happened. Darshana replies that Unnikuttan has done a blunder and wasted her medicine.
  • Amma apologizes on Unnikuttan's behalf and asks her to take new tablets. However, Darshana is upset that her plan didn't work.
About the Show:
  • 'Meenakshi Kalyanam' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV.
  • Meenakshi Kalyanam - New Serial in Mazhavil Manorama
New Star Cast:
  • The show has Apsara, Renjith Menon, Sanal Krishnan, and Prarthana Krishna playing the lead roles.
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