Everything about the Bigg Boss OTT 3's 'trouple'


Everything about the Bigg Boss OTT 3's 'trouple' Armaan Malik, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik

YouTuber, Armaan Malik's Second Wife, Kritika's Health Deteriorated  Post-Delivering Their Son 

Armaan Malik's life is more dramatic than any Bollywood film. He married Payal in 2011, and they have a son named Chirayu together. However, while still married to Payal, he began seeing Kritika, and within a week of dating, they married in 2018. Armaan then began living with both of his wives under the same roof as a happy 'trouple'. Armaan and his wives came into limelight when both his wives were pregnant together. Talking about their story, Armaan Malik was a bank employee in 2011. He was a cashier at a private bank. Payal Malik was also an account executive. While working at the bank, the two came very close. They exchanged numbers with one another. A few days later, they married in court. They have a son together named Chirayu Malik. Chirayu also makes frequent appearances in Armaan Malik's videos. In 2018, Malik married Kritika, Payal's friend.

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