ALL Fights in Bigg Boss OTT 3

1. Vishal Pandey Slapped by Armaan Malik
In a shocking incident on Bigg Boss OTT 3, contestant Armaan Malik slapped his co-housemate Vishal Pandey during a heated argument. The altercation began when Armaan's first wife, Payal Malik, confronted Vishal about his comments regarding Armaan's second wife, Kritika Malik, who is also a contestant on the show.
Payal expressed her outrage, telling Vishal, "What you said about Kritika is unacceptable! She's a mother and a wife, and you need to respect that." This led to a heated exchange, which culminated in Armaan physically assaulting Vishal by slapping him.
Vishal's family has strongly condemned the incident, with his sister Neha defending him on Instagram. She demanded that Armaan be removed from the show for his actions, stating that Vishal did nothing wrong and meant no harm with his comments. Vishal's parents also made a video plea to the Bigg Boss producers, requesting that Armaan be evicted from the house.
The incident has sparked discussions about the need for better safety and respect protocols on reality TV shows, as well as the appropriate ways to handle conflicts between contestants.

Deepak Chaurasiya and Armaan Malik get into an ugly fight; former says 'Aap jaise log mere office aaye, toh 2 kilometer dur rok diye jaaye'

A clip of Armaan Malik and Deepak Chaurasiya engaging in a heated argument has recently gone viral online. The video shows Deepak, Armaan, and a few others sitting in the garden when a verbal altercation breaks out between Armaan and Deepak. During the exchange, Deepak tells Armaan that people like him are stopped 2 kilometers before reaching his office. In response, Armaan retorts that people like Deepak aren't even allowed outside his house.

The argument escalates as Deepak tells Armaan that no one is interested in visiting his house and accuses him of raising his voice without reason. Despite attempts by fellow contestants to intervene, it's evident that both Armaan and Deepak are highly irritated with each other.

Deepak Chaurasiya, a well-known news anchor, has worked with major national channels. On the other hand, Armaan Malik is a popular content creator, famous for living with his two wives under one roof.
During last night's episode of the show, viewers witnessed a disagreement between Sai Ketan Rao and Sana Makbul regarding ration. Additionally, Ranvir Shorey was involved in an argument with Lovekesh Kataria, who also engaged in a verbal altercation with Sai Ketan Rao.
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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani and Ranvir's tiff over bed continues

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Ranvir says 'Pagla gayi hai'. Shivani continues to plead Ranvir for bed and says. 'Ab jhagra karna padega?' Ranvir says, 'Toh main darrta nahi hu.' Shivani keeps nagging and Ranvir wants that once all the contestants enter the house then they can decide on the beds.

Shivani Kumari and Sana Makbul make a pact

Sana Makbul: From winning hearts as Dr Aliya in Vish to attempting  daredevil stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11; Everything about Bigg Boss OTT 3  contestant Sana Makbul | - Times of India 

Sana Makbul speaks in English and Anil Kapoor states that Shivani doesn't like English. Shivani says that she doesn't like people who speak in English. Sana tells her that she will teach her English and she can teach her Hindi.

Seeing the kitchen, Sana says, "Khana aata hai, banana nahi". The contestants decide on the beds. Shivani is overwhelmed to see the big house. Sana and Shivani can't seem to decide on the beds. Sana takes dibs on a single bed and Shivani also wants one. She doesn't want a double bed and calls Sana 'chatur' as she kept her ring on the bed.

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